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To build a home 



Now I shall raise the walls of this house anew 

Strip away the bricks drenched with my deceit, 

Take a hammer to the looking glass 

Burn it with the etching of my fists 


Now I shall tear away the carpets engraved 

With the boots carrying the dirt of the land 

And at last among all the bricks and the dust,

I shall create a hole to sink this room asunder.



And with it, I shall cast away the cancer in my brain

Buried deep inside the silken fabric of sanity

That hisses at me no — you will descend 

Farther into the mud with every troubled step


Until it swallows you whole and wipes your land clean

Of all imagery reminding them of your eyes

Until everyone has lost what your name means in their minds

And your poems do not make their hearts ache.



And I shall tell the mayhem in that corner of my paradise

That with every word from my ink I shall ascend 

Above and beyond all I desired to be — until

My words swallow you whole and wipe away our pain


Until we all return home and feel whole again

Of all that kept us back from our glory

Until I return to myself and find home again

And my poems overflow from the paper into the ocean.

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