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There are 4 personality types

In a color wheel

My dad taught me once

The blue are the team players

The red the leaders

Yellow make up the jokers of the bunch

And the green

The givers.


In a relationship we are all so green

We give give give 

Till theres not much left for our green soul to feast on

We decorate our chests with our photos

Shelves nailed inside our ribs 

For all the books we love

Posters of our movies

Our dog.


What about my favorites? 

What if I forget to have favorites?

Because you always say 

WE love this. 


I hate to take down all these nails from my bones

And put the books away in a box

In the attic like the ones we see

In white Christmas movies so I can have space


For the Harry Potters and the Lewis Carrols you don’t fancy

And my photo from when I had broken front teeth


And come back to you 

As more of my self

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