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if you know you want me

look how the clouds part for the sun

for pure-drawn skies of Attica

remember cloudgazing

at the shores of world’s end

how soft the slumber was

within winged, tender breezes 


if you know you and I

look how the sailboats rock like lullabies 

for the maritime melodies of the Attica 

remember dawn’s rosy cheeks

over scattered islands divine

and we did not burn, for we belong 

within the divine, together


if you could run away

find that edge of the world where the sun sleeps

where mermaids rule the sea’s songs

the same way ours echo in our veins

take me with you, if your heart can

I’ll grab strings, castanets, fire from the gods

so we can belong, in music, in Attica


I used to define it otherwise

before we stole summer 

and stuffed it in our bedside

before hyacinth-tinted shores 

where the waves turn with the night

and sunkissed windows

coddling our bed in light

I used to think it would be loud

like how my chest burned bright 

or my ears buzzed with your sight

I used to define it otherwise 

until i felt it sink into me

when you laid against my skin 

there, it was calm

a serenity in my being

like water flowing into a calm cove

a ship anchored home

and silence defined it best, I think

for my mind has been quiet since

besides the stars and the sea

contained within you, sevgilim


returning home

the long way around

not by decision, or desire,

but by the force of the cosmos

gravity pulling me, endlessly, to you


its scent is the same, i am sure

though eyes brighter blue 

smile sweeter, softer, more precious

I am blessed by an encore


though it is bestowed on ones 
who have watched their core unfurl 

and unfasten from the world    
and hurl itself at infinity with every ounce 
of strength we lovers can muster


its taste is the same, of ocean salt 

and sun enchanted, warmth at the tongue

though sweeter, softer, more precious 

I am blessed by an encore


this winter I met a young boy

under the stars of his hometown

the faded orange of his quilt

names of birds on his lips


that night I held in my hands

the little heart shaped box

a boat, snug, in the ocean within

aged and loved by his small hands


that boy I loved that very night

watching him scan across his world map

and spin his globe with fingers 

itching for wonders to behold


that boy I held in that little room

my heart as aflutter as the collared dove at night

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